Ibero Barock - Classic line saddle


The NEW in baroque tradition. Due to its comfortable seating and plenty of legroom, this saddle is well-suited for long rides for classical horsemanship.

Technical data

Saddle type: terrain saddle / work saddle
Saddle tree: chamber width adjustable, much spine freedom
Seat shape: semi-flat
Roll shape: freedom for legs
Girthing: moveable 3 point V-girth with front girth string, long strings
Weight: 7 kg
Seat sizes: 17,5 – 18,5
Colours: black, mocha, black / mocha (2-color)


  • extremely comfortable seat
  • stitching on front and rear gallery
  • saddle-bag rings
NEW: Ibero Barock Compact
Short version of the Ibero Barock with only 44 cm saddle length! - for small horses, ponies, arabs - at no extra charge.

Non-bind­ing price rec­om­men­da­tion

Non-bind­ing price rec­om­men­da­tion for Ger­many:
2.750,00 €.