Helga & Hans

The team: people & horses

We are very lucky and grateful. We live and work in one of the most beautiful areas of Bavaria. We are one big family, which has already achieved a lot - and intends so much more. We live here on the Möningerberg with more than 30 horses dream, surrounded by meadows, hills, greenery.

Good work
Building fences, make stable, hay, foal births, the cycle of nature. Young horses accompany them on their first steps, they introduce them to bridle and saddle and familiar with the intricacies of the commands make: All grounds us and gives us energy for the fullness of our tasks.

Family affair: our team
Hans Thoma developed various models of Iberosattel and invents together with his son Patrick Thoma, the intricacies and new features. Together with Helga Sülzle Thoma, who heads the stud farm, he bought the property on the Möningerberg nearly 20 years. Their skills in the design flow of our saddles very much with one, here's Ibero saddle benefit her study of art. She is responsible for the booths of Ibero saddle. And whenever it allows her time, she advises the Ibero-customers with great sensitivity.

Patrick Thoma's just like his father an engineer. He is a specialist Elan saturated samples. His expertise is particularly in demand when it comes to technical questions and challenging issues. His sister Miriam Thoma is absolute horse woman in whose care the young horse training. She is also an expert on saturated samples at Elan Ibero saddle. Patrick's wife Birgit Thoma is responsible for communicating with customers and dealers. Birgit advises passionate and brings together the threads, even in marketing.

Katharina Müller is our apprentice. Advised to accept purchase orders, check delivery, make great photos: Catherine completed numerous tasks. We are pleased with your commitment and your creativity!

Our long-term girlfriend Sonja Breindl is responsible for office management, as well as providing advice on the spot. Sonja has a Tinker and a Quarter - no, no PRE! She loves classical riding and trains her horses after altcalifornischem model.

Robert Schwab supported us in the office competently. It features a stunning PRE mare who was born on the Möningerberg. Robert has long been friends with Helga and Hans.

Monika Riesner is a specialist in our finances. Accounts, wire transfers - all that we know with her in good hands for many years.

Soul mate: Coach Bruno Breitschaft
For many years we have worked with trainers Breitschaft Bruno, who accompanied the classical training of horse and rider on the Möningerberg. People and horses love it, and we appreciate the Möningerberg him very, very special. He has the ability to pull them within minutes under his spell. The horses accept him as a rank highest - and as a "horse" it is simply incomparable. Bruno comes originally from the area of ​​altcalifornischen Riding, which is based on classical and baroque foundations. Our horses he trains with classic principles. Bruno has developed with us the Vaquero Breitschaft. His experience are included in the products of Latin with a saddle. Thanks for everything, Bruno!

Man and horse in the conversation - riding is teamwork
We rely on the classical riding and have learned that Bruno Breitschaft us here are exactly what we are looking for. Namely precision training for man and horse, give the more subtle aids and signals learn to recognize. Because are not limited to rein and leg, plus crop. Posture, voice, hip bone, hip, leg, thigh, little finger, middle finger ... as long as they play together until the horse is paying for itself from the back until it comes in, makes himself around, willing to bend. Until then asks: "What do you want now," "Do you like it like that?", "Let's try it some!" Even if the shots are a must, riding is about dialogue, not command giving and unconditional Run. Riding is communication between humans and animals! Talk to our stallions, you tell it a lot!